Ravensburg is a small village 17km north of Lake Constance. For Frank Hellmond is this the right place to create his deep and dubby techhouse Sound.

He started making music with Dieter Krause of Hidden Recordings in 2001. Their first project was called

Laplaceausoleil. Since 2008 he also forces his solo career under his given name. He has released several records on labels such as Eintakt, Plong or Sinergy Networks.

In 2006 he founded with Giovanni Proietto and Antonio Bruno the Dreiton netlabel for music from ambient / electronica to dub techno and eephouse. The allmost 30th release of the netlabel will be celebrated

at the end of 2013.

Frank Hellmond joined our Etui camp in 2012. His track “Sunday” has been released on our first Etui Winter Camp compilation.

DENNY SUSKI (dreiton Co-CEO)


Denny Suski began his career as a DJ in the year 1998, In every Gig that he has played, the listeners had an excellent acceptance because his skills, technique and musical taste in his sets, always trying to innovate playing something new and different to all Djs. He has played at festivals, raves, night clubs, bars, private parties around lake constance and he is a resident at the legendary club douala, sharing the stage with great local and international artists. So nowadays his Performance guarantee to you something more on the dance floor, having an underground madness of joy with his punchy and subsonic basslines, percussive beats, deep-colorful synths, omnious athmosperes, suddenly breaks, space drops and awesome effects. 2016 he steps to dreiton



Martin Bausch from Ravensburg translates influences from dub techno legends like Moritz von Oswald, Ion Ludwig and STL and always experimentally and danceable into the modern times.

As an resident at his local club he was looking for the right balance between Dub, Minimial and House music. So close your eyes and have a listen to his music.





The sound of Nvelope combines warm dubsound with some warm techno sound, which focuses powerfully on the essential. Fully used by target chords, combined with powerful groove, he combines warm sounds with groovy techno. Far away from the mainstream sound he manages to create an entirely new type of dubsounds and enforce its own style.



DJ and producer Dennis Allen grew up listening mostly to the Hip Hop of the 90's. By the year 2000 he started to produce, learning instruments and finding his niche within the scene. One thing for sure, the typical Dennis Allen sound is a symbiosis of abstract elements and percussive tones, which he forms into a driving mass, laying on deep surfaces and accentuated with spherical and dubby sounds.



Matthias Springer is involved in the electronic music scene since the late 1990’s, always very versatile in choosing the sound he likes and plays. He feels comfotable in a lot of very different genres, from experimental electronica, to deep house and dub techno, always with the influence of acid and Detroit elements. Matthias’ producing a very varied and unique kind of electronic music, also under using his moniker Aksutique, releasing on a lot of different labels such as Eintakt, TicTacToe, Parquet, Pantamuzik, Hypnotic Room, Plusquam and Deeptakt, just to name a few. Since 2010 he runs his own label Diametral including the sublabels DimbiDeep Music, Wohnzimmermusik, zerO413 and the vinyl only imprint Turmfalke.



Simon Spe blends atmospheric dubes, melancholic dreamy melodies and rhythmic elements. He tells with each of his tracks, a unique, thrilling story that reveals new small sound structures each time you listen. The track's clear structures are remarkable. Simon understands to combine delays and reverbs with complex sound-scapes to create a unique style of ambient, dub and techno. 



Tom Cabrinha in real life Thomas Frank, comes from a small rural town in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. He discovered his passion for electronic music very early and began to stock up his equipment for music production at the age of 18. In 2016 his first EP was released on the Italian label "Askance Discs". Other publications followed under the label "drift deeper", "Yinyang" and "Kunstmusik". His first debut album "Beyond" was released in 2019 on the label "deeptakt". His music is smooth and slow - something between Dub-Techno and Ambient.