Frank Hellmond and Dieter Krause form the duo Laplaceausoleil.

The unique sound of Laplaceausoleil emerges from the tension between these two characters and their complete different music socialisation. Frank has a longtime experience as dj, in the beginning with the main focus on rare grooves and nujazz until he discovered his love to straight beats and minimalistic sounds.

Dieter on the other side as musician has been influenced from a lot of music no matter which style, it just has to got soul. The basic principle for their collaboration is their love for modern electronic music.

In the beginning very dubtechno oriented their tracks nowadays are more and more characterized by a percussive soundstyle with funky grooving beats and dominating basslines paired with interesting sounds evolved as well from analog as pure electronic origin.

Laplaceausoleil mainly like to perfom live.

Beside Laplaceausoleil both of them have started to work in different projects too. Frank started the successfull netlabel and Dieter produces also alone under his name and together with DJ Deepak Sharma from New York.


Current Releases:

skm15 va summer nights

"Adventures in Success"
12" vinyl
catalogue no. ET04




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