The analogue live performance Einklang freier Frequenzen is a project of Telly Quin and Plastique. They create upgroovin' acid techno and minimal with spaced out sounds.

Both love analogue sound and they combine it to an individual listening and dancing experience. They prepare every live act in the studio and arrange it live. Often they are surprised themselves about the melt of sounds jamming on stage. Sampler, filtering systems and synthesizer are always with them.

The different releases of Einklang freier Frequenzen show that the musical freedom is always in the foreground. From downbeat and dub to house and techno - everything is possible.


MPC 2000 XL
Korg MS 20
Micromoog Syntheziser
Roland Juno 106
Roland 808
Freebase 383
Doepfer MS404


Current Releases:

eintakt 102 - Vortänzer Album
eintakt 10 - The Walk EP
eintakt 11 - El Jardin de las Delicias, Einklang freier Frequenzen Remix
eintakt 14 - Ayahuasca EP
Hot Content 01 - Sax-oPhono EP
Hot Content 02 - Bubbledrum EP





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