cHMa always has enjoyed electronic music,
with the passage of the years cHMa have gone looking for
new sounds into the experimental electronic music.
In 2003 cHMa thanks his brother knew the way to produce electronic music in a computer, he began producing house and techno but in 2004 cHMa turn around his influences knowing the movement the electronic music experimental in Mexico and around the world, cHma fascinated for these style he began to produce minimal techno and house.

In 2004 a cHMa's EP was released in a Mexican netlabel focused in electronic music
with prehispanic sounds; after some months his music is known in the world thanks
to important netlabels.

Now is time to collaborate with Dreiton.

I want to thanks to my brother (Sr Ruido)
and my friend Pachon for their influences.




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